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The Powerware 5115 offers cost effective power protection for small office servers. It is a line interactive UPS system.

High performance protection
Software suite bundled
ABM™, prolongs battery life by 50%
Australian output sockets eleminate messy adaptors
Standard USB and RS232 serial ports extend communication capacity

Designed to ensure clean power and reliable operation of all kinds of IT devices in the network system, the Powerware 5125 UPS protects your equipment against power problems that can harm your equipment or result in corrupted data. The Powerware 5125 UPS offers the cost effective network protection and comes with the proven reliability users have come to expect from Powerware products. In addition to a reliable shutdown solution, Powerware 5125 offers extended runtime capability as well as enhanced connectivity options to manage and monitor the UPS remotely.

Extended backup time
ABM™ prolongs battery life by 50''%
Software suite bundled
Load segments allow scheduled shutdown of noncritical loads
External Battery, Web/SNMP Card, USB/Relay
Multiple Australian outlets for ease of connection

The Powerware 9120 UPS is designed to protect critical computer and communication equipment as well as industrial and automation applications, where losses may accumulate at frightening speed in case of power failure. The Powerware 9120 is a true Series 9 double conversion on-line UPS designed to guarantee troublefree operation of protected equipment in any physical or system environment. Versatile management and hardware options offer the flexibility to build up a power protection solution to fit any application.

Double conversion on-line technology
Connect UPS-BD Web/SNMP card
External battery cabinets
Relay card
Maintenance bypass options
External battery chargers for fast recharge of longtime battery packs
Transformer options
Frequency Converter model
Extended back up time
User friendly informative LCD
ABM™ prolongs battery life by 50%
Software suite bundled
Versatile customisation options
Australian outlets for ease of connection

The Powerware 9125RM UPS was designed for flexibility to meet the requirements of critical rack mounted equipment. Only 2U high for 1-3kVA ratings and 5U for 6kVA, the Powerware 9125RM UPS saves valuable rack space for other equipment. The Powerware 9125RM promises premier protection, longer backup time, remote manageability, installation, flexibility and superior service all available in real rack mount mechanical pact for critical applications

Protection against power failure, sags, surges, transients and electrical noise
ABM™ doubles battery life
Hot swappable batteries with fast recharge
Optional extra battery pack
Advanced communication slot including software which monitors the status of the power and UPS
Flexible size options – 1000VA, 2000VA, 3000VA and 6000VA
Standalone or rack mount – 2RU
Constant supply of 240 volts
True on-line double conversion

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